A Wanborough pub landlord has introduced a unique new menu to attract more customers and carry on his family's tradition of innovation.

Paul Studholme, whose family has owned The Brewers Arms since the 1950s, hopes the venue will stand out from the crowd with his 'Eat Around the World' menu which encourages customers to combine cuisines in a tapas-style meal.

Paul has converted the two front rooms into a 'Boardroom' where the pub serves different cuisines in small dishes on wooden boards.

This means visitors can eat curry, calzone pizza and lamb tagine for the price of one meal.

This Is Wiltshire:

Paul said: "Before Covid, we used to serve mostly pies and pizzas but when we started doing takeaways, we thought we'd do it street-food style.

"The chefs experimented so we introduced flavours from around the world.

"That proved really popular so we carried that menu with main meals on throughout the summer because it's great for large parties.

"There's something for everybody and we have a great choice. There are lots of parties here so it's much easier to please everyone.

"People love the fact that they could choose different dishes instead of just your classic English.

"This pub has always been unique so I'm carrying on the family tradition by thinking outside the box.

"My friend came out with his dad who said it was a very novel idea."

When Paul's adopted parents, Gerald and Muriel Saddler, ran the pub they were famous for having a mini-zoo with monkeys and parrots to attract customers. When they retired, Paul ran the business with his mother-in-law and father-in-law before fully taking it on in 2017.

Paul is no stranger to introducing new ideas; he has previously kitted out two double decker buses with soft play areas to host children's parties.

Another perk of Paul's latest concept is that customers can spend odd euros left over from holiday when they order from the menu.

His go-to meal from would be the Jamaican pork curry, the Caribbean curry, the chilli beef strips.

The Boardroom's 'Eat Around the World' menu will be running from Wednesday to Saturday and three dishes cost £12.