The powers Swindon Borough Council has as a licensing authority should be used to make women and girls safer in the town.

That’s the motive behind a vote on preventing violence against women and girls to be put forward by Conservative councillor Kate Tomlinson and seconded by her party colleague Jo Morris.

The motion which will be put to borough councillors at their meeting on Thursday says: “Many women and girls across Swindon and the UK do not feel safe – including those in fear in their own homes and those afraid of walking home.

“Responsibility of ensuring one’s personal safety should not fall on women and society needs to dismantle the culture of victim shaming.”

If passed the cabinet member for public safety Cathy Martyn will be asked to look into getting the council accredited by White Ribbon UK.

The council will be asked to increase promotion of the Ask for Angela initiative in pubs and clubs and the Police and Crime Commissioner will be asked to look at how to continue funding the tax marshal scheme after next January.

Licensed premises could be asked to give staff  training every year in safeguarding, doormen could have increased training and a report into CCTV in taxis produced if the proposed policy is put out to public consultation.

Coun Tomlinson said: “There is a national conversation about this which has been started by recent tragic events – the murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa.

“Every woman  has the same story, women across the country have the same strategies; they arrange to text someone when they get home, or they go home in pairs or groups, or if they have to walk along they might carry their keys in their hand.

“It’s just wrong that women and girls should feel afraid for their safety when out in Swindon, or anywhere. Apart from anything else, the infringement on their liberty, having to make these plans and strategies, is wrong.”

“We can’t stop evil completely, sadly, but we can make it more difficult for those who want to do evil, and I wanted to put measures in this motion which will have tangible measures.”

Coun Tomlinson added: “I’d like every licensed premises in the town to have posters up about Ask for Angela in the ladies’ toilets, so people know if they’re being harassed they can ask staff for help, and it’ll be dealt with.

“We could ask for premises to have at least one person on the door whose prime job is safeguarding; I think door staff can be trained better to understand these issues.

“A woman getting into a taxi at night must be safe, and the licensing committee is looking again at CCTV.”

“I hope this gets unanimous support – the council should show women in Swindon it is leading the way on this.”

The motion is one of four to be debated and voted on by councillors at the meeting which begins at 7pm on Thursday. Members of the public may attend in person or can tune in to watch online.