There were 1726 allegations made to Wiltshire Police forces in 2020/2021, within 1062 separate complaints, according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

These included instances such as discriminatory behaviour, handling of or damage to properties and premises and sexual conduct.

The report by the IOPC is the first of its kind on police complaints since the law changed to help the public make complaints more easily which are dealt with in-house by the police.

This means that the definition of a police complaint is now considered: “An expression of dissatisfaction by a member of the public about the service they have received from a police force. All expressions of dissatisfaction must be logged”, according to the report.

But a single complaint can also contain a number of allegations meaning an officers can be called out on several ways they dealt with a case.

For example, someone can now make a complaint about an officer’s use of force, as well as their use of the police systems and more if they wish to do so in the same allegation.

Areas where complaints were particularly high included the delivery of duties and service, with 600 allegations made. This was for issues like the decisions, the general level of service and information given.

Additionally, 290 complaints were also made for the individual behaviours of officers by members of the public.

Only 728 allegations against Wiltshire Police forces resulted in a case being finalised, meaning the complainant was given an outcome.

Wiltshire PCC Philip Wilkinson said: “Wiltshire Police and the OPCC strive to provide the highest standard of service but there will be occasions when this service falls short of expectations. When this has happened, people are encouraged to make a complaint.

“We will then ensure that the complaint is thoroughly investigated on their behalf, and where we can learn lessons and improve our service, we will.

“We have implemented the national changes, from September 2020, simplifying the complaints process and making it easier for a complaint to be made.

“As part of those national changes, my office also took over the complaints process to ensure investigative independence and overview. All information is available on my website and people who are unhappy should feel confident their complaints will be dealt with.”