To ‘wassail’ is to drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way and that’s exactly what the Richard Jefferies Museum is inviting you to do this weekend.

As the Christmas decorations come down and the last of the festive good is eaten, the museum is holding the event, which is also a toast to good health, to help people get over the post-New Year slump on Sunday January 9. 

The event, in partnership with Swindon Folk Club, will feature beating the bounds, singing wassailing songs and banging pots, pans and drunks to wake up Old Man Apple, the spirit of the apple orchard. 

Choir, The Noteables will round off the afternoon with their wassail song. 

It’s intended to be a community event that everyone attends to encourage the trees in the orchard to provide a good harvest later in the year.

People are encouraged to get there for 1pm, with proceedings starting at 1.30pm and they are also advised to wrap up warm for the January weather.