A  WILTSHIRE MP says he has received hundreds of emails over the Downing Street parties scandal with many life-long Tory voters pledging never to vote blue again.

Yesterday, prior to PMQs Prime Minister Brois Johnson apologised for attending a “bring your own booze” party in the Downing Street garden in May 2020 – during the first lockdown.

The PM insists he believed it was a work event and could “technically” have been within the rules.

This Is Wiltshire: Boris Johnson refuses to rule out resignation after attending Downing Street party. (PA)Boris Johnson refuses to rule out resignation after attending Downing Street party. (PA)

Top flight members of the government and Johnson supporters have urged MPs to wait until the results of the investigation to be published before making decisions on Boris Johnson’s premiership.

Devizes MP Danny Kruger says he has received hundreds of emails about the scandal and assures constituents that the last party he attended at Downing Street was on January 31, 2020.

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In a post on his website, the MP said that the party should never have happened.

“He explained that he regarded it as a 'work event', which I guess is plausible given it was a gathering of colleagues in their workplace, and rather than partying all night he attended for just 25 minutes in order, he said, to thank his staff for all their work,” he said.

“But it was obviously a social event too. The appearance is one of decadence, rule-stretching and, worse, a callous disregard for the personal sacrifices that families were making at that time.”

Mr Kruger added that he did not have the right to preach compliance to others but pointed to the incident in which Boris was photographed not wearing a mask on public transport.

He added: “Nevertheless, it is an absolute moral truth that the people who make the rules should stick by the spirit as well as the letter of them.

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“No doubt Sue Gray's inquiry will get to the bottom of exactly how these events were organised, who was there, and what happened at them; and no doubt consequences will follow.”

Mr Kruger said the broader issue at play was that life-long Conservative voters had told him they would no longer vote for the party.

“To win them back, and to fulfil our duty to everyone in the country including those who didn’t vote for us, we need good leadership,” he continued.

“My simple view is that the PM needs a chief of staff who will grip the operation in No 10; a cabinet secretary who will grip the civil service; and a Deputy Prime Minister who will focus on delivering the policies we promised in the manifesto, and on reforming the British state to make it ready for the enormous opportunities and threats of the 21st century.”

This Is Wiltshire: Chippenham MP Michelle Donelan PHOTO: Trevor PorterChippenham MP Michelle Donelan PHOTO: Trevor Porter

Michelle Donelan said the PM “was right to personally apologise” in the wake of yet more revelations of partying in Downing Street during lockdown.

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On Twitter, the University Secretary said: “So many made sacrifices sometimes heart wrenching ones so understandably people are angry and hurting which is why as the Prime Minister said we need to let the inquiry take place.”

South West Wiltshire MP, Andrew Murrison said constituents had been in-touch about the on co-called 'partygate' scandal.

This Is Wiltshire: Dr Andrew Murrison MPDr Andrew Murrison MP

Dr Murrison pointed to the investigation currently underway by senior civil servant, Sue Gray and said that he will not comment until the results are out.

James Gray, who represents North Wiltshire, said the "presumption of innocence is one of the most sacred principles of English Law”.

“It is just as wrong to come to some kind of conclusion (or verdict or sentence) during that process as it would be to publicly punish an alleged criminal before his trial,” he added.

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“So I will not be tempted to do so. The Prime Minister is the Prime Minister – duly chosen by the Conservative Party to be our Leader; and by a record majority by the whole electorate to be our PM only two years ago.

“So Conservative MPs continue to support him. For now.”

This Is Wiltshire: North Wiltshire MP, James GrayNorth Wiltshire MP, James Gray

Mr Gray added that lockdown rules were plain and any breach of the rules by politicians or civil servants would be unacceptable.

“As I very well know from my constituents, people went through all kinds of terrible tragedies and awful discomforts during lockdown; yet most people adhered to the rules pretty rigorously,” he continued.

“So if proven, it would be simply unacceptable for those who make the rules simultaneously to be ignoring them.”

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On the apology itself, he added: “The PM has apologised for attending what he describes as ‘a works event’ on the May 20.

“We know no more details of the way in which that event was organised nor whether it was acknowledged to be a ‘party’.

“However, by the PM’s own admission, it was in breach of the Covid rules, for which he has apologised.

“So all we can do for now is wait. I will not join the kangaroo court posse; nor will I criticise someone about whose misdeeds I have no knowledge or evidence.

“But you can be certain that if any of these allegations are found to be true, and if the PM or other senior people are shown to have been involved, then our support for them will, without doubt, disappear.”