The mother of a young man with Down's Syndrome has praised the manager of a scaffolding firm for giving her son the chance to achieve his dreams. 

32-year-old Todd Scanlon was given a scaffolding apprentiship by Martyn Coles at his company Coles Scaffolding, and has recently been accepted onto a course to become a fully qualified scaffolder in what could be a UK first for someone with Down's Syndrome. 

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Todd's mother Vicky Scanlon has praised Martyn for giving Todd a chance where others wouldn't. 

In an emotional surprise video for him she said: "You've helped Todd achieve so much, physically, mentally, passing courses and getting awards and that's all down to you. 

"Unless you've been in a situation like mine, I can't explain how much this means to me. I'm very proud of Todd, as you know, but I'm also very proud of you too. 

"I think Swindon should be proud of you for highlighting the issues that people with mental health and disabilities have with employment."

In additional comments she made to The Adver, she said that she feared what Todd's life would be like until Martyn took him on. 

“When Todd was growing up you get used to the idea he won’t have the same life everybody else, but with Martyn doing this for him he’s getting there.

"He’s gone beyond what ever I expected, he does go out of his way, I don’t know where he finds the time.”

Martyn, and the rest of the team at the scaffolding business, have embraced Todd and put in hard work to help him become a scaffolder and they've collectively received several industry awards for their efforts.