Swindon Town Football Club can't take card payments for next year's season tickets because of an ongoing court battle. 

In an open letter to fans, the club's ticket office confirmed that the winding-up petition that has been filed against the club has caused issues with the card payment merchant provider the club was using. 

This has meant that the only way fans can pay for season tickets when they're up for renewal from March 29 is by bank transfer, cash in the STFC shop or financing through V12 (online).

"The reason we are unable to offer card payments as an option is due to the historical financial standing of the club," the letter to fans said. 

"The card payment merchant provider we were using upped its limit due to the winding-up petition that was filed, as well as the fact they were not expecting us to have sold as many season tickets as we did last year."

The club continued the letter by adding that it was vital that fans continued to support it financially by purchasing season tickets in the coming summer months.

It said it needed money coming in, and the only way that could happen was through the sale of season tickets via those channels. 

"We appreciate this is not ideal but are confident that this will not be the case next season, especially when the first financial accounts under the new ownership (May 22) have been submitted and it can be seen the club is in a better financial situation," it said. 

American firm AC Sports Wiltshire, otherwise known as Able, have applied for the club to be wound up after claiming that a loan made to the club while former owner Lee Power was in charge is outstanding and should be repaid. 

The hearing was due to take place in January and then adjourned to March, but has since been adjourned again by the High Court to July 7.

It is believed that the payment Able made is somewhere between £100,000 and £300,000 but Swindon Town disputes the claim from the American firm that the money paid was a loan and needs to be paid back. 

Speaking to BBC Radio Wiltshire before Christmas, the club's CEO Rob Angus told fans there was nothing to be worried about because steps had been put in place. 

"It has a technical impact if that makes sense, but Clem is making other funding available through his UK companies so we have fall-back positions if we needed them," he said.