A new report by the hearing aid specialists at ReSound has crowned Stonehenge the most accessible cultural attraction in Wiltshire for visitors with hearing loss.

With one in six of the UK’s adult population affected by hearing loss, the experts at ReSound analysed the 40 most visited UK cultural attractions to assess how accessible each one is for hearing impaired visitors.

Stonehenge, founded in the bronze age, is a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. The attraction takes 34th place in the overall report with a score of 24.2 out of a possible 80 points.

The attraction has a range of accommodating facilities for the hearing impaired, including an induction loop.

In the UK, an estimated 11 million people live with varying degrees of hearing loss, making it vitally important that tourist attractions and cultural spots up and down the nation do everything they can to accommodate them.

As part of the Most Accessible Attractions Report, the experts analysed how many accommodating features were available for the hearing-impaired at these sites.

So, which of the UK’s most cultural and historic attractions are doing the most to improve the overall experiences of hearing-impaired individuals? See the full report at resound.com/en-gb/hearing-loss/hearing-impaired-days-out