Wanborough Wasps U10s will have already scored a winner when they take on the Pretty Muddy Kids race at Lydiard Park on Saturday.

Having enjoyed a great season on the field where the boys showed a real passion for team work and muddy knee slides, we looked for a fun event that could further tests their talents,” said one of the parents, Catherine Cook.

“A 5k run through the woods and around the beauty of Lydiard Park with the added bonus of lots of mud, water and inflatable obstacles presented a fabulous challenge.”

And the players have already smashed their £650 target by almost £1,000 to help Cancer Research UK Having seen family members fighting their personal battles against cancer, the boys want to raise money to help the research so others don’t suffer in the future.

Max Coyne, nine, didn’t get to meet his Grampy because of the disease and he is currently seeing his grandmother fight her own battle with it.

Harley Tait and Leo Montauro have also lost grandparents to it. Harley’s granddad was just 56 when he died.

Ryan wanted to take part in Pretty Muddy to help raise money for the charity because he lost his godfather Stuart to cancer at the age of 42. Stuart was his dad’s best friend.

And Noah Strickland’s nanny has beaten cancer twice so the charity is close to his heart

To sponsor and support the Wanborough Wasps visit fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/team/wanborough-wasps-u10s

Pretty Muddy Kidsis run before the main Cancer Research Pretty Muddy event, which takes contestants over an obstacle course in the grounds.

“The boys will need work as a team to tackle inflatable pools full of mud and water, slide on their bellies under nets and through the tunnels, climb through a Spider’s web and over a climbing wall, complete the Space hopper assault course, dodge the giant wrecking balls before finishing on the mud slide,” said Catherine.

“Let’s see if it’s as good as the post match celebratory muddy knee slides."