A primary school teacher from Calne is quite literally taking to the air to support the county's flying doctors.

Victoria Handley, who works at Holy Trinity School, signed up to jump 10,000 feet out of a plane for charity and is determined to raise money to support Wiltshire Air Ambulance, which has already completed 333 missions so far this year.

The 25-year-old was keen to do something that would have a great impact and initially got on board with the idea after her dad signed up for it.

The pair are now all set to go ahead with the jump which is taking place on September 17 this year, and Victoria is currently feeling optimistic about the challenge which now lies ahead. 

She told this newspaper: “I would like to raise money for the local air ambulance by doing something scary and exciting.

“I am sure I will have people come and support me on the day."

Her chosen charity is one that is close to the heart of many people in Wiltshire, and Victoria also shares a determination to support them however she can. 

This Is Wiltshire:

She said: “The air ambulance is a local cause that has made a difference in the area.”

Considering how she currently feels about the challenge that lies ahead, she noted: “I am absolutely terrified about it but I am excited at the same time.

“It will be a great challenge and sense of achievement!”

Plane jumps rarely require any physical preparation, although for many people, gearing up for the challenge often means getting into the right frame of mind.

Victoria added: “There’s no preparation need, I’ve just been psyching myself up.”

The challenge she has set herself may also be the start of a greater fundraising journey, she explained, noting that she has never done anything like this before.

Victoria said: “I haven’t fundraised before but I am excited too – it’s the start of many to come hopefully.”

The schoolteacher is already on her way to reaching the target she has set herself, after surpassing the halfway point to raising £400, as the current amount of money raised on the fundraiser has accumulated to a total of £220.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s helicopter can accommodate a pilot, two paramedics, a patient and a passenger, and has a specialist kit so the crew can provide medical care which is all paid for by donations from the public.

The charity requires £11,000 a day to keep them flying and aims to raise £4 million a year.