The section of Wiltshire Council that holds its cabinet to account has published its annual report.

The Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee is made up of non-executive councillors and tries to ensure that council decision are taken on sound evidence.

Where possible it also helps to shape policy through early discussions as well as scrutinising proposals before they are agreed.

The report says that the committee has worked on a number of the key projects over the past year, including Wiltshire Council’s Business Plan, its finances, and the area boards.

As well as the overall Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, there are three specialist select committees that cover health and social care, the environment, and children and families

In 2021/22, the Health Select Committee has been strongly involved in plans for the future health and care model, as well as adult social care. The Children’s Select Committee has had a focus on the provision of accommodation for young people, and reviewed the council’s strategy for achieving a rating of Outstanding from Ofsted.

The Environment Select Committee scrutinised the process of Wiltshire Council bringing 10 leisure centres back under its management, reviewed the development of the Bus Service Improvement Plan, and considered the effectiveness of the council’s highways service over the past 12 months.

Looking ahead, Overview and Scrutiny will be using the council’s 10-year Business Plan as a guiding document for their work.

Members of the public can also get directly involved in the process by attending committee meetings, submitting a question before a meeting or giving notice to make a statement on an item on the agenda.

Councillor Graham Wright, Chairman of the of Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, said: “I’m proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 12 months and I thank my colleagues for their diligence and commitment.

“Overview and Scrutiny is a fundamental part of how the council operates. We play a key role in ensuring the big decisions that affect residents and their day to day lives are looked at in great detail, and challenged where required in a fair and robust way.

“We’d also very much welcome residents to play their part and get involved too when they can by attending committee meetings, submitting questions and suggesting topics for us to investigate.

“Positive local democracy is in the best interests of everyone and we’ll continue to act as the voice of the people in carrying out our important work.”

The full report was formally presented to Full Council on May 17 and can be found here. More information about Overview and Scrutiny can be found here.