A TROWBRIDGE man has taken the ‘nuclear option’ of shaming Wiltshire Council on local social media after his complaints about waste bins not being emptied fell on deaf ears.

Benny Johnson posted a message about waste bins in Park Road near Curo Housing Association properties Trowbridge.

The bins are overflowing and attracting rats after Wiltshire Council failed to empty them and took no action on his complaints.

Urging residents to write to Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet Member Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, he said: “Spotted again. Bin problem = Rat problem in the park!

“Let’s take action on this NOW! Let’s restore the pride in our town! If you don’t like what you see let those who govern us know about it!

“All they ever want to do is pass the buck and I’ve quite frankly had enough! Our taxes pay his wages after all! I’ve tried the carrot, now trying the stick approach!”

Mr Johnson also published Cllr McClelland's contact details to enable people to email or phone him to complain.

Trowbridge Town Council leader Cllr Stewart Palmen and his colleague Cllr Chris Hoar have also been trying to get the bins emptied.

Cllr Palmen said: “This waste store just off Park Road has been in a state since late last week.

“Various people have complained and myself and Chris Hoar have been in discussion with Wiltshire Council and they have an 'action plan' but to date the problem is just getting worse with no action.

“Across this town there are too many areas with poor waste stores and commercial waste poorly stored. It needs clamping down and we need stronger support from Wiltshire Council to ensure action!”

Cllr McClelland, the Cabinet Member for Waste said: “The arrangement we have in place with the housing association is that they remove any additional waste that doesn’t fit in the bin in preparation for the scheduled collection day, which is carried out by our contractor. It appears that on the occasion the pictures were taken the excess waste was not cleaned up. 

“We have arranged for the housing association to clean the waste and we apologise to residents, as the mess around the bin is clearly not acceptable.

"We are also in discussions with the housing association to ensure they have enough bin capacity to serve everyone at the site so that it complies with our waste storage requirements.

“In the meantime, we have reviewed the collection arrangements and put some improvements in place and will monitor their effectiveness, which will help ensure we don’t see a repeat of the situation.”