THE street outside a church on Swindon's outskirts has flooded.

Overflowing drains near a blocked underground stream are believed to be the cause of the water which has suddenly flowed along Devizes Road outside St Joseph's Church in Wroughton.

Marks on a nearby wall and further along the street suggest it initially surged up quite far and high earlier this afternoon, though it has since dipped to pavement level as of 6pm and a Thames Water van is at the scene.

One car braved the enormous puddle and slowly made it across from one side to the other while a neighbour looked on.

The neighbour said it was unusual to see flooding in the area but was confident it would be sorted out soon.

This Is Wiltshire:

Coun Cathy Martyn said: "Following a call from a resident, I've reported the flooding to Swindon Borough Council.

"It looks as though the culvert may be blocked, so I've asked that someone attends site today to deal with it.

"I've made it clear it's the only vehicle route into and out of Harry Garret Court and Willow Walk.

"If you have queries, please email one of us - or"


This Is Wiltshire:

This Is Wiltshire: