As you’ve probably noticed, petrol prices are still rocketing around the UK at the moment.  

But fear not- because we’ve done a roundup of where you can fill up on the cheapest petrol in Wiltshire, so you can save some pennies.  

In the Sainsbury’s on Bath Road in Chippenham, petrol is priced at 181.9p currently.  

Things are a little more pricey in Marlborough, as the cheapest place where petrol is being sold for 185.9p at Esso on London road.  

But if residents are keen to fill up somewhere nearby in which they can get a better deal, in Swindon, the Sainsbury’s on Paddington Drive is selling it for 181.9p.  

It is a similar story in Devizes, where the lowest price is at 189.9p per litre- sp residents may wish to fill up in nearby Melksham if they are passing through, where the Gulf Turnpike Garage on Devizes road is also selling it for 181.9p per litre.  

In Trowbridge, you can fill up on petrol for 183.9p per litre at Tesco Extra at County Way. 

People living in Warminster and Westbury may also choose to fill up in Trowbridge, with the cheapest petrol in Warminster 188.9p per litre in the Morrisons on Weymouth street, and 187.9p per litre in Westbury, in the Esso on Warminster road.