Covid deaths cut by following rules

Des Morgan in his attack on various correspondents finishes by writing that initial estimates of Covid fatalities was gross overestimates.

The reason for this is that everyone followed the lockdown rules.

Well, nearly everyone.

Steve Thompson

Norman Road


Blind allegiance to woeful Tory party

I hope that you will allow me a few column inches to address the claims made against me, by Des Morgan (his letter SA , June 17).

"Steve Cowdry has proven over and over that he is anti-Conservative and anti-Brexit" Guilty as proven, m'lud! I admit that I find it difficult to understand anyone who isn't!

"He is strong on rhetoric but woefully weak on substance" Not so', m'lud. I always back my arguments with facts and figures from reliable sources (government websites, respected pollsters, world-wide commentators, etc.) - I'm sorry if the Adver doesn't always have the space to reference them!

"In Steve's view the ills of society can be attributed to one man, Boris Johnson" No, although he is the worst PM we have ever had.

He is woeful, lying, arrogant, ignorant, etc But then again, so are so many Tory ministers/ex-ministers - Patel, Truss, Gove, Raab, Shapps, Kwarteng, Javid, Eustace, Coffey, Lewis, Dorries, Williamson and (especially) Rees-Mogg. I believe that I have criticised them all in the Adver Letters Page in the past - my apologies if I have missed any of them out!

"Brexit is history, the decision made in 2016" Sorry Des, but we will re-join the EU (hopefully, sooner rather than later).

Brexit has been an economic disaster for the UK (my letter SA, June 16) and we have also lost any influence and respect we had in Europe and, indeed, around the world! Ukraine and some Baltic states are set to join the EU very soon.

"Covid deaths were nothing like the over egged figures of the prophets of doom!" Des, what can I say? - the government claimed, back in early 2020, that keeping the UK Covid death toll below 20,000 would be a good outcome - this figure has now passed 180,000! What a huge success for this government, eh?

Wake up, Des - I am not the one "weak on substance"!

You never have any facts and figures in your letters - just a blind allegiance to the utterly woeful, Tory party.

And, please, please, remind me just what have been the tangible benefits of Brexit?

Despite repeated requests, I have never had any answer - I wonder why.....!

Steve Cowdry.

Saddleback Road


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