More than £1m has been given to Swindon to fund adult numeracy.

And there is and other £2m which will be used to improve social cohesion in the town.

Council leader David Renard told his Conservative cabinet colleagues the government’s Shared Prosperity Fund, a spin-off of leaving the EU, has allocated  £3.27m to the borough.

£1,2m of that is intended to deliver an adult numeracy programme called Multiply.

The cabinet approved a plan to set up an investment fund for the rest of the money just over £2m.

The report to cabinet said: “The three investment priorities for the fund are: Community and Place; Supporting Local Business; and People and Skills.

“Communities and Place seeks to strengthen our social fabric, foster local pride and belonging, and build resilient and safe neighbourhoods.

“The Local Businesses priority seeks to create jobs and build community cohesion, promote networking and collaboration, and increase private sector investment in growth-enhancing activities.

“People and Skills seeks to boost core skills and support adults to progress in work, support disadvantaged people to access the skills they need to progress in life and into work, and reduce levels of economic inactivity. “

The proposal was approved unanimously.