A Wiltshire police officer landed a surprise catch when she was presented with a Certificate of Excellence by anglers in Holt.

The award from The Angling Trust was made on Saturday (June 18) to PC Emily Thomas and is one of just two awards made annually each year.

It was made to recognise the contribution PC Thomas had made in securing powers for PCSOs to check Rod Licences, making Wiltshire Police the first force to do so.

PC Thomas, of the Rural Crime Team, received the award during a Building Bridges Day Family Fishing Day, hosted by the Angling Trust at Holt when she landed the unexpected catch.

Nevin Hunter, the Angling Trust’s Regional Enforcement Support Manager, said: “This award is so well deserved.

“Emily has provided support to the Building Bridges Team and Voluntary Bailiff Service patrolling, attending events, supported training of Police Officers and most importantly being instrumental in helping to secure extended powers for PCSOs to check fishing licences.

“This adds so much to the potential to enforce fisheries legislation across Wiltshire. Today’s event is typical of the work that Emily has done in supporting us and we know that events like these are so important for the Police as well to build links too hard to reach communities.”