The opening this week of Swindon's new £20m radiotherapy centre at the Great Western Hospital after seven years of fundraising effort by the community delighted readers.

Some of them were people who will no longer face the uncomfortable journey to Oxford for their treatment. In fact the centre is expected to save 13,000 patient journeys every year.

Brighter Futures, with the help of the public and Adver readers, raised more than £3m towards the cost of the development.

Here's what they said about it...

Jo Holohan: "Amazing achievement! Well done everyone, so much money fund raised by the local public over the last 10 years to make life easier."

Nicola Williams: "It’s a fantastic achievement, I’m so pleased it’s finally finished."

Tracey Owen: "Brilliant the journey is laborious and so glad other patients will benefit especially with the cost of fuel for patients who may not be able to work during treatment."

Eileen Keany: "Great news, lost my dad to cancer 6 years ago and donated to this great cause in his memory.

"So happy that the centre is finally open for business and that local cancer patients won’t have to travel to Oxford. Well done Swindon x"

JuliePeter Thompson: "What a wonderful thing to happen for the town.

"We have very limited positives to celebrate at the moment and this should be shouted from the roof tops! Fantastic achievement that will help so many people."

Sioban Lee: "Fantastic effort with the fundraising. This really is a positive for our town."

Sally Clark: "Amazing news! This will make such a difference to those going through the scary journey of fighting cancer not having to travel to places such as Oxford to have their treatment.

"Good luck to all working there and all those needing to use the facilities."

Hayley Tippins: "Great news for Swindon & surrounding areas - what a huge difference to lives this will make & amazing effort for all who have raised money to make it happen."

Kimberley Cormack: "I'm grateful I won't have to travel to Oxford when I'm due radiotherapy."

Tara Screen: "Fantastic news and great to have this for all the people who need it."