People living in a small village not far from Swindon are looking for volunteers to help build a  new village hall.

Villagers in Latton, just a mile or so up the A419 from Cricklade, are determined to fund and construct a new hall for the use of the community and have formed a committee to keep the project running.

But it now says that this is when the hard work starts.

A spokesman said the next step is to form a charitable trust - and while the committee’s chairman and secretary have become trustees, another trustee is needed by law.

The trust says it will also need specialist support from people with specific experience. The spokesman said: “We need more specialist support and advice. We appreciate not everyone can give up their valuable time to be on the committee, but we’d appreciate being able to contact anyone who may be able to give advice or support on: charities and trust status; property, planning and construction; running village halls; fundraising; and legal aspects of any or all of the above.

“If anyone has knowledge of any of these subjects, or anything else they might think useful, we would be very grateful to hear from them.”

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