Wiltshire Council says it is "listening to community concerns" over displaced traffic due to the current temporary closure of the B3108 in Winsley.

It also says it is "closely monitoring" the traffic between Bradford on Avon and Winsley and drivers’ adherence to the signed diversion.

According to the council, the diversion "caters for all types of vehicles", including heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), and there are also other local routes using nearby A and B roads that are suitable for HGVs and cars, so drivers do not need to use the local smaller lanes.

The council is also working with Wiltshire Police to monitor the use of local lanes by HGVs and the breach of weight limits, and where appropriate the police will enforce against any overweight HGVs that use this route.

The road is closed to build a shared use path to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Councillor Dr Mark McClelland, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “As with any new temporary road closure, the first few days cause the greatest level of disruption to local roads, but most of the time traffic patterns settle down as drivers become more aware of the closure and find alternative routes, such as the signed diversion.

“However, we are listening closely to residents’ concerns and we have contingency plans in place if traffic behaviour doesn’t settle down and people continue to use these lanes in large volumes. We’re also working with Wiltshire Police to ensure HGVs adhere to weight limits in the area.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works, but once complete we’re confident that the shared use path will provide a safer route to and from school for local children.

“We believe Wiltshire should be a place where we stay active and we take responsibility for the environment, as set out in our business plan, and the new shared use path will bring these benefits.”

The B3108 between Winsley and Bradford on Avon remains open for pedestrian and cycle access and shuttle bus services are running between Winsley and Bradford on Avon, and Winsley and Bath.

To find out more about the scheme, the road closure, diversion and the bus services, people should go to: wiltshire.gov.uk/highways-new-active-travel-schemes