THE founder of the Swindon Advertiser has finally been recognised with a blue plaque, thanks to the history enthusiasts at Swindon Heritage.

William Morris, whose grandson is The Naked Ape author Desmond Morris, started the paper in 1854 and made sure it was affordable for the public by making the cover price a penny.

At first he was reporter, editor and printer of a monthly publication, but as stamp duty restrictions were relaxed a couple of years later it went weekly.

As technology improved he brought in a steam-powered printing press. But the last press was gone decades before the Adver moved out of its home of 160 years in 2018.

Pen and ink, typewriters, early word processors and then big computer terminals all made way for smaller and faster work tools in the newsroom. The modern day Adver is produced on laptops.

This gallery shows how producing the paper in print and online has changed.

Click here for more on the paper's history and here for more pictures of the Victoria Road building just before the Adver left for Dorcan.