Half of Swindon's GP surgeries are rated below the national average on patients' overall experience, according to a new survey.

Ratings for Swindon's practices have been released thanks to this year's GP Patient Survey.

The survey assesses patients' experiences of the healthcare services provided by GP practices by asking an array of questions.

Out of all the Swindon surgeries evaluated, the Adver has compiled a list of the ten with the lowest scores. These are rated on whether patients had a 'good overall experience'.

Last week we shared the top ten. Scroll down to see the full list of all the surgeries' scores.

On average nationally, 72 per cent of people said they had a good overall experience at their surgery which is down from 83 per cent the year before.

All of Swindon's lowest rated surgeries are below the national average, with none of those ten listed being rated above 70 per cent by patients.

Analysing all 24 Swindon surgeries, only half scored over 70 per cent in terms of patients' overall experience.

Park Lane Practice is still the worst rated, with only 32 per cent of patients considering their overall experience there as 'good'. In the breakdown of results, 28 per cent of respondents rated the surgery 'very poor'.

The surgery was the worst on the list in last year's survey but has dropped another 25 percentage points. 

Moredon Medical Centre's rating has also significantly dropped since last year. The surgery is now the second lowest scoring as 50 per cent rate the service as 'good' compared to 69 per cent last year.

Both of these surgeries score particularly poorly when it comes to the percentage of patients who find it easy to get through to their practice by phone. 

Only 18 per cent of patients at Moredon and 20 per cent of patients at Park Lane Practice find it easy. The national average percentage score for this question is 53 per cent.

Just 18 per cent of patients at Park Lane describe their experience of making an appointment as 'good'.

Here is a list of the lowest scoring surgeries on overall experience: 

1. Park Lane Practice: 32%

2. Moredon Medical Centre: 50%

3. Phoenix Surgery: 51%

4. Sparcells Surgery: 53%

5=. Merchiston Surgery: 62%

5.=Whalebridge Practice: 62%

5.=Abbey Meads Medical Practice: 62%

6. Tinkers Lane Surgery: 63%

7. Carfax Medical Centre: 64%

8.Ashington House Surgery: 66%

Here is a definitive list of all the GP surgeries in Swindon, rated highest to lowest: 

1. The Lawn Medical Centre: 94% 

2. Elm Tree Surgery: 88%

3. New Court Surgery: 86%

4. Purton Surgery: 86%

5. Old Town Surgery: 85%

6. Priory Road Medical Centre: 84%

7=. Kingswood Surgery: 82%

7=. Ridge Green Medical Practice: 82%

8. Westrop Medical Practice: 80%

9=. Victoria Cross Surgery: 77%

9=. Eldene Surgery: 77%

10. Hawthorn Medical Centre: 73%

11. North Swindon Practice: 68%

12=. Ashington House Surgery: 66%

12=.Ridgeway View Family Practice: 66%

13. Carfax Medical Centre: 64%

14. Tinkers Lane Surgery: 63% 

15=. Abbey Meads Medical Practice: 62%

15=.Whalebridge Practice: 62%

15=.Merchiston Surgery: 62%

16. Sparcells Surgery: 53%

17. Phoenix Surgery: 51%

18. Moredon Medical Centre: 50%

19. Park Lane Practice: 32%