The aftermath of a vandalism rampage in Stanton Park can be clearly seen as several of its beloved wooden sculptures have been left charred and in pieces. 

This is the third attack in 12 months on the public artworks which were created by sculptor Darren Tilley in his own free time and donated to the Swindon Borough Council-run park for the public's enjoyment. 

These incidents also follow a previous arson attack at the beekeeper's site that caused £22,000 worth of damage and killed several hives of bees. 

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Members of the public have once again reacted with anger and dismay when discovering that the popular country park attractions have once again been mindlessly damaged. 

This Is Wiltshire: Severe damage as been caused to the Triton sculptureSevere damage as been caused to the Triton sculpture

The two damaged pieces were Triton, which had previously been damaged following an act of vandalism in February but repaired and returned to its spot in May and the array of underwater creatures on a fallen tree. 

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Triton had once again been beheaded, its arm which carried a trident had been removed and it had been toppled from its podium. 

On the fallen tree, an eel had a tail sheared off, a turtle had been smashed to bits, a 'Nemo' clown fish had been snapped off and partially burnt and a sealion had a flipper removed. 

This Is Wiltshire: Damage to various parts of the underwater sculptureDamage to various parts of the underwater sculpture

There was also evidence of a large bonfire that had completely destroyed a  tree stump that was nearby.

Several of the people who were enjoying the park after the spate of vandalism denounced the behaviour and spoke of their disappointment. 

One mother who visits the park regularly with her children and loves to visit the wooden sculptures with them said: "They were so upset and disappointed when they saw what had happened and they couldn't understand why someone would do something like that."

This Is Wiltshire: Remains of a fireRemains of a fire

Another park-goer, Stephen Jamie,  said: "It's appalling isn't it, all that work destroyed and for what? I can't understand why somebody would want to be so destructive and mean and nasty."

As well as the previous attack on Triton in February, the Every Cloud Caterpillar sculpture was discovered in pieces In October 2020 and the beekeeping area was set on fire in March 2020. 

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Three people were charged with arson, but the case was dropped due to insufficient evidence.