Across the UK millions of people are suffering as the cost-of-living crisis continues with no end in sight.

Just this week the Resolution Foundation thinktank said inflation could rise by up to 15 per cent by the start of 2023.

Price pressures were likely to be stronger and last longer than the Bank of England had previously forecast.

However, there is some positive news for motorists as the price of fuel continues to drop.

According to the RAC, the average cost of petrol is now 179.80 pence per litre and for diesel 190.01p a litre.

That marks a considerable drop from when the average prices for petrol and diesel were 187.51 and 194.17 in June respectively.

The good news continues as the RAC says the prices for petrol and diesel are forecast to fall.

Currently, the cheapest place to buy fuel overall in Swindon is the Shell garage on Shrivenham Road.

Petrol is currently being charged at 174.9p a litre, whereas diesel is being sold for 185.7p per litre.

The Asda in West Swindon is the second cheapest place where motorists can buy fuel.

Petrol is currently being priced at 176.7p per litre and diesel at 186.7p a litre.

The same prices are for petrol and diesel are currently on offer at the Asda in Haydon Wick.

Tesco on Ocotal Way is another place where motorists can buy fuel at a cheap rate.

Petrol is being sold at 177.7p with diesel being on offer for 187.9p.

The same prices are on offer for the Sainsburys in Bridgemead.

In Stratton, motorists can purchase petrol at the Sainsburys for the same price as above, however, diesel is slightly more expensive at 188.9p a litre.

Finally, the Shell garage on Shaw Road is another service station where fuel is less expensive.

Petrol is currently being priced at 179.9p and diesel at 187.9p.