The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has admitted he's in a 'crisis' and has abandoned the band's new album because it wasn't "the kind of record" he wanted to make any more.

Mr Flowers, 42, who is renting a "lush Tudor home in the Cotswolds", told The Sunday Times: "Halfway through recording I realised, 'I can’t do this. I don’t think you’ll see us making this type of music any more."

Last week The Killers released new single Your Side of Town which was described by critics as 'upbeat synth-pop'.

The Killers performed it for the first time at the Reading Festival which they headlined last weekend alongside Billie Eilish, The 1975 and Imagine Dragons.

But in 2021 the band released Pressure Machine, a critically acclaimed album about Mr Flowers's youth in Nephi, Utah, including tales of murder, poverty and addiction.

He told The Sunday Times: "This is the crisis I’m in. The Killers are my identity and our songs fill the seats, but I’m more fulfilled making music like Pressure Machine. I found a side of myself writing it that was strong. This was the guy I’d been looking for."

Mr Flowers added that getting older means he's "thinking about the next phase of my life."

He said: "I'm as proud of Hot Fuss as you can be for something you did when you were 20, but I’m not 20.

"No matter what, there will always be people who look at me and just think of Somebody Told Me. And I get that. But I’m interested in evolving."

Asked what brought him to the Cotswolds, where he is living with his wife Tana and three sons, he said: "I feel intimidated in cities. They are centres of the world, intellect and arts. I don't belong."

He added: "I still have a great deal of inadequacy and don't know how to overcome it."

However, Mr Flowers was recently invited by Elton John to perform alongside him at Glastonbury.