CULT musical The Rocky Horror Show returned to Swindon's Wyvern theatre with its mind-bending, camp, raunchy and zany science-fiction story. 

Over the years, the show has developed a dedicated following who have turned it into more of an event than simply just passively watching things unfold on stage. 

Before things even started, people streamed into the town's venue dressed up as various characters in the show, meaning that there was plenty of glitter, fishnets and wigs filling the Wyvern seats.

Now audiences have their own script, they contribute to the show with jokes and punchlines that the actors, particularly the narrator played - this time by Strictly Come Dancing and Holby City star Joe McFadden - interact with. 

McFadden handled this back-and-forth with the audience magnificently, and even peppered some of his witty retorts with Swindon references, with the Magic Roundabout, Penhill and even the Swindon Advertiser getting a mention. 

This Is Wiltshire: The Rocky Horror Show at Swindon's Wyvern theatreThe Rocky Horror Show at Swindon's Wyvern theatre (Image: David Freeman)

The crowd even had its own choreography, In one moment phone torches and one particularly x-rated light-up bedroom object held up by a woman in the front row were used for 'There's A Light'. A short whole later everyone was up on their feet and doing the moves for the show's infamous hit 'Time Warp'. 

It really was a raucous, well-spirited crowd who were completely on board with the silliness of a show like Rocky Horror, exemplified by a man bizarrely dressed as a devil who was literally just a member of the audience successfully leading everyone in the room with a call and response chant at the start of each half. 

This is important because as good as the performances are on stage, it is this bizarre metatextual fourth-wall-breaking addition from the audience that has been built up over the last 50 shows of the show's existence that really makes Rocky Horror stand out. 

And sure, Hayley Flaherty's Janet (returning from the last time the show was here), Richard Meek's Brad, Stephen Webb's electric Frank-N-Further, Joe Allen's Eddie and Dr. Scott, Kristian Lavercombe's Riff Raff, Darcy Finden's Columbia, Ben Westhead's Rocky and Suzie McAdam's Magenta were all great.

But just like in the show where Frank-N-Further finds the secret formula to bring Rocky to life, it is ultimately the audience that has the secret formula that can make The Rocky Horror Show go from a fun night out to a truly great and memorable time - so Swindon audience, take a bow!

To catch the show before it finishes on September 2, visit here: