A VEHICLE described by police as 'mobile Jenga' has been banned from the roads of Swindon and Wiltshire. 

The Wiltshire Specialist Ops Twitter page, which is still active despite previous confirmation that it and the Wiltshire Police Dogs account will be shut down,  posted about the incident on Tuesday, November 15.

Wiltshire Police's Roads Policing Unit was involved in a traffic stop after seeing a truck carrying stacked-up wooden pallets it thought could be dangerous. 

A spokesperson for the force's Roads Policing Unit said that they noticed an 'interesting mobile Jenga impersonation creaking its way around Swindon'. 

Jenga is a popular game involving a tower stack of wooden blocks that you have to carefully remove and re-stack on top of the tower until someone makes it fall. 

After stopping the vehicle it was discovered that it was 28.8 per cent overweight, had a defective tyre, the load of pallets was insecure and the driver was operating on an expired license. 

The spokesperson added: "We weren't impressed when the boss started swearing at us down the phone."

The truck has now been prohibited.