The Traitors winner Harry Clark is a serving soldier in Wiltshire, it has been revealed.

The BBC's hit reality series finished on Friday, with Harry Clark scooping the £95,150 prize money after a nerve-shredding finale.

He and Faithful Mollie Pearce were the last remaining players, with Harry's victory sealed when his friend voted to eliminate Jaz Singh instead.

It has now emerged that Harry is based in Larkhill, with the 47 Regiment Royal Artillery.

The 23-year-old had been a Traitor since the first episode, but went largely undetected throughout the series.

Lance Corporal Harry is an avionics technician in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

In August last year he received his ‘wings’, which qualifies him to conduct essential maintenance on anything from a helicopter to a tactical unmanned aerial system in the Regiment’s REME workshop.

Currently, he is part of the team that maintains the fleet of Watchkeeper Uncrewed Air Systems.

According to an article on the British Army's website, it was Harry’s grandad Dave who was the driving force behind his decision to join up. Dave had served in the Army and ran the family’s boxing club.

“My grandad on my mother’s side was in the Parachute Regiment, he was my idol and I wanted to make him proud", Harry said. 

"He taught us about the importance of ‘family’, how to respect others and he taught me how to be a gentleman."

In Harry’s words, the Army is the “hammer and chisel” that has shaped him into what he is today and that is "100 per cent soldier".

Harry continued his boxing career with the Army and has also represented the under-23s football team.

He told “You can play anything in the Army, from football to boxing at the highest level - even darts! I would also play cricket and rugby if I had the time, but I realised that I needed to stick to just one or two if I wanted to apply the right discipline, mindset and skill.”

Harry added his time in the Army had taught him teamwork, how to get the job done, strategy - as well as, more surprisingly, honesty and loyalty.

After winning Harry told the BBC: "My legs are shaking. I just won £95,000.

"I underestimated this massively, you come here and there's 22 amazing people, and from the off I've been a traitor."

He joked: "I've had enough of being naughty and being bad, because that was next level."