HOUSING developer Barratt David Wilson Homes South West is on the recruitment trail in Wiltshire as it seeks a new trainee carpenter to join the business.

The opportunity to work at the housing developer’s soon-to-launch Buckley Gardens development in Semington coincides neatly with National Apprenticeship Week from February 5 – 11.

The housebuilders’ Level 2 trade apprenticeship scheme, which takes 18 months to complete, provides career opportunities for the next generation of tradespeople in the South West and offers a mix of hands-on training working alongside experienced trade specialists.

Harry Hockey, 20, has just finished a Level 2 carpentry apprenticeship with Barratt David Wilson Homes South West.

Harry's journey into the housebuilding industry evolved from a year-long stint studying furniture-making at college until he realised it wasn’t for him.

Knowing he had a passion for working with wood and seeking a more dynamic career, he explored carpentry apprenticeships, and ultimately joined Barratt David Wilson Homes South West in 2022.

Harry said: “I’m really pleased I went down the apprentice route. I’ve had the best two years of my working life and I’d have no doubt in recommending an apprenticeship as a career path.

“You get to learn a life-long trade alongside the most skilled people in the industry and the camaraderie on-site is great, too.”

Harry's dedication and skill in carpentry haven’t gone unnoticed by Barratt David Wilson Homes South West, which has led to their support for his enrolment in a 12-month Level 3 carpentry program at York College, underscoring Harry's commitment to excellence and highlighting the company's investment in fostering the growth and development of its talented workforce.

Martyn Brooks, construction manager at Barratt David Wilson South West, added: “In the midst of persistent labour shortages within the industry, apprentices, like Harry, will play a crucial role in shaping the future of construction.

“It’s crucial we cultivate a workforce that are equipped with the latest skills to meet the demands of the evolving sector.

“Apprenticeships serve as a gateway for individuals to immerse themselves in the intricacies of the new-build industry, guided by the expertise of the sector's most accomplished construction professionals and earning nationally recognised qualifications along the way.

“We eagerly anticipate welcoming a fresh wave of talent into our workforce to ensure a dynamic and resilient future for the construction industry."

To find out more about the early careers available with Barratt David Wilson South West, visit www.barrattcareers.co.uk