These archive images show the former home of what was once Swindon's only college.

For decades, students attended classes at Swindon College's campus in what is now Regent Circus.

In the early 1960s, the site was known as simply 'The' College before its name changed to highlight the educational facility's town pride and an eight-storey extension was constructed next to the main entrance.

Thousands of students and staff spent countless hours at the campus as the years passed and the town centre changed around it.

Plans to build a leisure complex on the site meant that the college was closed in the mid-200s and demolished in 2012 to make way for restaurants, attractions, a massive Morrisons that has since closed, and a new Cineworld cinema.

The oldest part of Swindon College - the historic technical college on Victoria Road, first built in 1895 - remained standing. Plans to alter the interior and front facade to incorporate a downstairs supermarket and upper floor office space do not seem to have materialised.

Swindon College merged the management of its North Star campus with New College's Queens Drive site in 2020 and the joint venture is now known as the New College Swindon University Centre.