Broken traffic lights caused issues for drivers on one of Swindon’s busiest roads.

On Sunday afternoon, officers in Wiltshire Police’s Swindon North, East and Rural team warned motorists about an electrical fault affecting the traffic lights on Thamesdown Drive, near the Purton Road junction that leads to Moredon and the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate.

There were delays on that section of the A4198 throughout the weekend as drivers cautiously navigated the junction.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “Please take care on Thamesdown Drive.

“We are aware that the traffic lights at the Moredon end of Thamesdown Drive are broken.

“There is a fault with the electrical supply to the lights, and SSE needs a new part to fix it. “Meanwhile, Swindon Borough Council is looking into getting temporary traffic lights to manage the junction.

“This may take some time.

“Drivers are asked to approach with caution, as the road is useable with care.

“Please allow extra time for your journey to allow for delays here.”

At around 7pm on February 11, the police issued an update to explain that the lights had been fixed.

A spokesperson added: “The traffic lights at the Moredon end of Thamesdown Drive are back in action.

”SSE have made a temporary fix following the electric shortage at Chicory Close.

“Hopefully that will keep the lights up and running and everyone moving safely.”