The opportunity to try new food in Swindon is always one to relish, so I was excited when Dirty Burgerz opened up a pub in North Swindon.

But as I entered the Jovial Monk in Blunsdon St Andrew after a long day of work on Thursday, February 29, my first reaction was one of surprise. I struggled to locate where Dirty Burgerz actually was.

As it turns out, a small booth has been set up beside the bar and next to the kitchen.

The franchise which originated from a popular takeaway in Bristol opened its doors to the people of Swindon on Wednesday, February 21.

This Is Wiltshire:

Reece Keep, 24, the owner of the Swindon branch, met the owner of the business, Christian Davis, 45, just a month before the opening of the takeaway.

The pair first tried to find a kebab shop with a kitchen to lease but ended up setting up shop in the Jovial Monk due to the kitchen being empty.

The unusual set-up of the new business is what led to slight confusion as I walked in but I soon discovered the booth after being directed by a bartender. There are plans to make the location of the takeaway clearer.

My dad and I sat down and had a look at the small but enticing menu and quickly chose our food. I chose the Dirty Double Bacon and my dad chose the Dirty Triple Cheese. We also ordered a portion of fries with our food.

The burgers are £13 each and a portion of fries costs £3, so our meals came to £16 each

The food quickly arrived and we dug in. I was impressed by the quality of the meat with the two patties being large and well seasoned. The chips were crispy and also well-salted.

But the burger as a whole didn’t blow me away. It was similar to many burgers I have tried.

The meat was good but the rest of the burger left an almost sweet aftertaste. I’m also not sure if alongside the chips £16 is a great deal, but the burger is quite large.

It was a nice treat at the end of a work day and I did enjoy myself but as a whole the burger was not exceptional. I believe more vegetables could have balanced out the aftertaste.