A proposed redevelopment of a Swindon petrol station to include a 'restaurant' has been scrapped.

A planning application was made for the Esso Petrol station on Fleming Way just off the Magic Roundabout.

Motor Fuel Group Ltd, which runs the filling station had applied to redevelop the site, including putting in a bigger canopy over three rows of pumps, removing the hand car wash facility and building a bigger shop with what its application calls a 'restaurant’ and at other times an 'improved food offer'.

The application said: “Fleming Way Service Station already has an established roadside feel and the proposed forecourt shop extension incorporating an improved shop layout with food offer will combine to form a more coherent motorist’s facility.”

But the council’s highways officer was not convinced and wrote: “I recommend this application be refused because proposed development does not satisfactorily demonstrate adequate accommodation for vehicle manoeuvring, parking and servicing proportionate to the scale of development.

And a neighbour wrote: “I would like to object to this idea of having a restaurant at the petrol station because at present they have an off-licence and most late nights it is rowdy at the petrol station.

“I would like that even the off-licence should be taken from them.”

The application has now been withdrawn.