Driving at nighttime with no lights on has landed one Swindon driver with a police punishment. 

Swindon Police issued a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) after stopping the driver on Wood Street, a bustling area of Old Town with several nightlife destinations, without their lights on. 

It was also discovered that they did not have a licence. 

The stop was carried out by officers who were conducting Night Time Economy patrols at the weekend. 

PC Neale said: “If you're driving with no lights on in the dark and driving with no insurance, you should expect a fine. 

Driving with no insurance is incredibly dangerous and especially whilst driving with no lights on in the dark, as it can be a major contributing factor to road traffic collisions.

Reacting to the news, a member of the public said: "Wood Street + people + weekend = potential disaster. Throw the book at them."

Another added: "Driving in Swindon without insurance used to be an instant ban! What's happening these days?!

Rule 113 of the Highway Code says you must use headlights at night, except on a road which has lit street lighting and use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced.