Swindon Town Football Club have made it onto Disney's streaming service Disney Plus. 

Episode two of the new season of Welcome to Wrexham starts with manager Phil Parkinson lambasting his lacklustre players at half time during what would prove to be a ten-goal thriller last season. 

In the first of two clashes between The Robins and the Welsh team owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney in August of last year, both teams scored five times, making it extremely likely the high-scoring game would feature on the popular documentary.  

And sure enough, with the third season released days ago, the back-and-forth battle between the two clubs was a major focus.

Viewers of the show are treated to not one but two customary foul-mouth Phil Parkinson dressing room rants, both at half-time to open the episode and just before clips of the match start. 

We then see the goals as they happen, with Austin's header to Jake Young for the Swindon's first and Austin netting the Red's second. 

Bickerstaff pulls one back for Wrexham before Dan Kemp and Jake Young make it four-one. 

At half time, Parkinson describes the team as 'embarassing', and says 'everyone is weak as p***'. 

He also berates individual players for their performances in the first 45-minutes. 

He adds "We've got to f***ing man up, f***ing quickly." 

Wrexham's second-half comeback is then shown as Elliott Lee and James Jones get two goals back, before Dan Kemp scores Swindon's fifth to put the game seemingly beyond them. 

But, as Swindon fans will know all too well, Lee and Jones score two goals in injury time to tie the game in the dying moments. 

After the game, a Swindon Town fan can be seen getting angry at a cameraman and pushing a camera away. 

Wrexham director of football said in a piece to camera for the show "The Swindon game was just one of those bizarre games where we ended up with a 5-5 draw.

"What we found is everybody in League Two has forwards who can score, Wrexham does, everybody does."

The episode then shifts towards Wrexham goalkeeper Ben Foster's retirement, which he had previously attributed to the five goals he conceded against Swindon Town. 

On the show, Foster said that during the after-match talk, he was thinking about retiring.

He said: "I knew enough was enough and I knew I was done, and I was thinking about how to tell the manager, how to tell the coaching staff."

Wrexham finished the season in second place, while Swindon finished in nineteenth.