An LA violinist will perform in Swindon next month as part of his UK tour, and will release his new EP a day later.

Chris Murphy's new EP, 'The Red Road', is set for release on July 5, and will feature the single 'I Never Learned To Drive', which was released on June 3.

On July 4, he will be performing at The Tuppenny in Swindon as part of his tour running throughout July.

Chris MurphyChris Murphy (Image: Eric Stoner)

He said the song is about "the most disenfranchised, misunderstood and under-acknowledged minority in Los Angeles: people who don't drive".

He added: "Summoning up the spirit of Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder, and John Hiatt, 'I never learned to drive' is an anthem for the ages."

The Red Road will be the 21st release of his career and signifies a shift from extensive arrangements to a largely solo violin-and-voice work.

Chris MurphyChris Murphy (Image: Eric Stoner)

Recorded in Hawaii, The Red Road is a "playful and casual offering from an artist who typically revels in more stylistically mischievous and ambitious climates".

Mr Murphy said: "My goal on this EP was to make as much music as possible with the most basic tools.

"A violin, voice, a bit of melancholy, and plenty of good ol' fashioned foot-stomping."