A selection of photos from an international exhibition are being showcased at a museum in Lacock.

The National Trust’s Fox Talbot Museum is hosting the selection from the International Photography Exhibition in collaboration with the Royal Photographic Society.

The exhibition is now open and will remain open to the public until April 27, 2025.

Tree Huggers from the Future by George McLeodTree Huggers from the Future by George McLeod (Image: George McLeod)

The photos selected from the world's longest running photography exhibition celebrate contemporary photography from around the world.

Lacock is a significant place in photographic history as it was the home of Victorian photographic pioneers Henry and Constance Talbot, who experimented with early modern photographic techniques in the 1800s.

Henry Talbot successfully created the first ever negative at Lacock Abbey in the 1830s and not long after patented his calotype process.

The Fox Talbot Museum continues to preserve this history, showcasing the story of his innovations and their influence on present-day photography.

The museum regularly hosts exhibitions that celebrate both modern and traditional photography techniques.

Dan Jones, CEO of the Royal Photographic Society, said: "It's wonderful to have a selection of the Royal Photographic Society's International Photography Exhibition at Lacock.

Photos from the International Photography Exhibition at the Fox Talbot MuseumPhotos from the International Photography Exhibition at the Fox Talbot Museum (Image: National Trust/Aby Davis)

"The International Photography Exhibition is the longest-running photography exhibition in the world, so taking elements of recent editions to the home of photography is very special.

"This reinforces the strong relationship between the Royal Photographic Society and the National Trust's Lacock Abbey, the family home of William Henry Fox Talbot, an honorary fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, whose experiments saw the birth of the basis of photography in Britain."

The International Photography Exhibition welcomes photographers and image-creators of every age group, and encourages both new and existing talent globally to contribute work.

For each edition, the Royal Photographic Society invites a range of respected voices in photography to contribute their expertise to the final exhibition selection.

The current exhibition at the museum showcases selections from the last three years' editions of the Royal Photographic Society exhibitions.

Andy Cochrane, property curator at Lacock, said: "For the past 170 years, the International Photography Exhibition has reflected how people see and think about things, and this exhibition is no exception.

"Many photographers focus on themes including the environment, identity, heritage, isolation, community, sport, memory, belonging and humour.

"This exhibition is about how contemporary photographers engage with aspects of the world that are not only visually compelling but also significant."

Visitors will find a range of themes and subjects explored through the 37 photographers’ techniques and aesthetics.