With rats and mice looking to add to their stockpile of food and make nests ready for the winter, you might spot some trying to settle in your home or garden.

Rodent infestations can become a nightmare for homeowners but rats and mice can be kept at bay with some simple hacks.

If you’re trying to find budget-friendly ways to keep rodents away, look no further.

To help you keep rats and mice away, Chris Hutton, storage expert and owner of Adams Selfstore, has shared two humane methods of keeping them away from your property.

How to get rid of these common garden pests

How to stop rats entering your home for £3.90

Homeowners can help keep rats away from their home with peppermint oil.

Rats don’t like the strong smell and it can often be enough to make them move on as they search for somewhere to settle.

All you need to do is soak some cotton wool balls (£1 from The Range) in peppermint oil (£2.49 from Amazon) and place them strategically around your home, says Chris.

Place them near entry points such as cracks, gaps and suspected rat pathways.

Rats and mice can access your home by sneaking through small gapsCotton wool balls, peppermint oil and steel wool can be used to keep rodents away (Image: Getty)

Make sure to change the cotton wool balls and oil every few days so it continues to have a strong smell.

Chris explains that this hack is human and eco-friendly and avoids the use of harmful chemicals or traps.

How to stop mice entering your home for £2.09

Chris explains that a highly effective way to keep mice out of your home is to use steel wool (£2.09 from Toolstation).

He says although it’s a rather unknown hack, steel wool can be used to block entry points.

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Mice are able to squeeze through tiny gaps and holes but they find it impossible to chew through steel wool.

First, find the potential entry points such as cracks, vents and gaps around pipes or any other way into your property.

Fill any gaps with steel wool and to provide extra security, you can secure it with caulking or adhesive.