MYSTERIOUS orange lights spotted over Swindon have baffled one couple.

Earlier this week the Adver reported residents in Ashton Keynes had seen unusual sights over the village.

A number of residents had said they had seen several identical bright orange lights high up in the sky.

But Wiltshire Police and the Ministry of Defence both said they had no record of any UFO sightings in recent weeks.

Now a Swindon woman says she, too, spotted the phenomena.

Tina Coates was in her car with her husband a few weeks ago when they spotted something.

“I am usually sceptical about this sort of thing but thought that this was quite unusual,” she said.

“We were driving up by the Rodbourne Arms on Cheney Manor Road when we saw several bright orange lights up in the sky.

“There was nothing else with them. No other lights.

“And they were flying in formation.

“Then they disappeared. This was about 9pm.

“My husband’s friend saw it too. He was walking his dog in Stratton the next morning when he saw the same thing.”

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