ROBBIE Williams has been winning in Swindon.

The former Take That singer, who recently moved to Compton Bassett, has been checking out the delights of Swindon with visits to the Premier Club to play poker with friend Jonathan Wilkes.

Sources at the club said he had been in frequently over the last few weeks.

Robbie may be more used to the LA lifestyle, but Swindon has lots to offer the star. As the Ego Has Landed in Swindon we have come up with some suggestions of things Robbie could get up to in Swindon.

Life-long Port Vale fan Robbie has even been offered the chance to swap his allegiance to Swindon Town.

Town spokesman Chris Tanner said: “I know Robbie is heavily involved with Port Vale, but if he would like to come along he’d be more than welcome.

“Football fans are very loyal to their own teams so I would be surprised if he would switch teams completely, but we would love to see him at the County Ground.”

Last March Robbie claimed to have had several UFO encounters. Swindon UFO enthusiasts have invited Robbie to join them.

At the time the star said he was giving up the music industry in favour of the past time.

“I’m stopping being a pop star,” he said. “I’m going to be a full-time Ufologist."

Swindon UFO Research organiser Chris Williams said: “I’m sure Robbie would find our meetings fascinating.

“We have a lot more UFO sightings than most and we’ve got the famous stone circles at Stonehenge and Avebury and the ancient mystical sites like Silbury Hill.

“Wiltshire has a really rich history of fortean things — unexplained phenomena.”

Robbie was spotted for the first time back in the UK last month by the Advertiser’s chief photographer Stuart Harrison. Robbie was shopping for two £5,500 bikes at Red Planet in Wood Street.

Since then he has been seen riding one of the bikes near his £7m country estate.

Last summer, Nationwide set up a mountain biking trail which would be ideal for Robbie to try out his new kit.

Steve Smith, from Nationwide’s cycling club, said: “The Swindon community cycle trail in Croft Woods which we opened last July would be the ideal place for Robbie to test out his new bike.

“The 1km off-road loop is great fun to ride and an ideal spot for beginners to test out their skills.

“Once he’s mastered that he might like to give the new 5km route a try too.

“We’d love to see Robbie making use of the trails and would be very happy to show him the routes.”

Robbie reportedly smoked three packets of Silk Cut cigarettes, drank 36 double espresso coffees and 20 cans of Red Bull a day before his latest stint in rehab for addictions to caffeine and anti-depressant Seroxat.

If he’s looking for rehab of a different kind he could visit the Hoopers Place nightclub, in Old Town. And if he’s still in need of a caffeine fix he could visit one of the town’s 33 coffee shops.