A MUCH loved Swindon landmark looks better than ever following a restoration.

Community artist Ken White spent 10 days rejuvenating the Golden Lion mural, before it was re-unveiled on Saturday.

The mural, which sits on the junction of Princes Street and Fleming Way in the town centre, was created by Ken in 1976.

He painted the 25sq ft image on the end of a set of terraced houses while earning £25 a week on a Government job creation scheme.

It depicts the Golden Lion Bridge, which used to stand in Canal Walk in central Swindon, as it would have been in 1908.

Ken, 66, of The Mall, Old Town, said: “It’s much brighter than when I first did it – I have changed some of the colours around.

“It should look better than ever – I have learnt more tricks over the years.

Ken previously restored the same artwork in the early 1980s.

He was commissioned to renovate the image by Swindon Council.

He said: “Some parts of it were worse than others.

“There was a lot of detail in the bridge and quite a few fiddly bits.

“It was not straightforward. Some of it had disappeared altogether.”

People passing the mural yesterday were united in praising the work.

Jennifer Allwright, 42, from Acacia Grove, Pinehurst, said: “I like it, I think it fits in well. I like the canal – it brightens things up. All you see at the moment is things all boarded up.”

Ken said: “A lot of people have said it does add something to the town.”