A REMARKABLE collection of silver Roman coins and two superb gold Roman rings, dating back to 380AD, found in a field in Bowerchalke have been declared treasure.

The coins and rings are part of what has become known as the Bowerchalke Hoard, a collection of coins and rings uncovered in Bowerchalke over the past 10 years.

The latest finds were made by metal detector enthusiasts Andrew Mitchell and Julian Adams in February and April this year and experts have described the two rings as being "particularly remarkable" and quite rare.

On Friday afternoon, Wiltshire coroner David Masters declared the find treasure and told the two men the coins and rings would be valued by the British Museum and they would be notified of their reward in due course.

The two men told the coroner the reward would be divided equally between themselves and the owner of the land, in the same way as previous finds from the undisclosed site.

Mr Mitchell, of Milbourne St Andrew, and Mr Adams, of Mudeford, found five silver Roman coins and one gold ring during a search in February in the same area as previous finds.

They told the coroner the coins and rings were scattered about and were just below the surface.

In April, they returned to the same field and this time found three silver coins and a second gold ring.

The men had the permission of the owner and in both cases their finds were taken to Salisbury Museum.

The collection is now in the possession of the British Museum, which, in a report to the coroner, said the coins and rings were from the late fourth century AD and were in superb condition.