YOUNGSTERS at a Swindon primary school are reflecting on their good fortune after their vandalised pond was restored to its former glory.

Lainesmead Primary School, in South View Avenue, found its luck was in when Gala Bingo agreed to send a team of volunteers to clear up the water feature.

Philip Bailey, administration officer at the school, said: "It had fallen into disuse and it was empty.

"It had been vandalised once or twice and Gala came around and tidied it up."

The company also gave the school a cheque for £200 for future maintenance of the pond.

"It's great," Mr Bailey said.

"We can take the children to look at all the wildlife now and learn about the environment.

"And it's a haven of peace and tranquillity. We've got money to look after it in the future so it should stay as a nice spot for the children.

"We knew that Gala Bingo offered their help to various institutions so requested they come and help us.

"We're obviously extremely grateful for what they have done with the pond."