SWINDON residents took up the challenge to name a new comic book shop.

More than 350 people joined in to christen the store which will open in Morley Street at the beginning of September.

The winner was Ali Amyes of Swindon who came up with "Swin City" and bagged £100 of comics.

The title is a play on words with the comic Sim City - which was recently made into a film - and Swindon's recent bid to reach city status.

Store owners Steve Causer and Vince Mancari said it was exactly what they were looking for.

"We were after something that said comics, but also said Swindon," said Vince. "We are proud of what Swindon is becoming and we want to be involved in the changing Swindon scene - comics are a great art form that can capture everybody's imagination."

Steve said: "Swin City stuck out from all the rest not just due to its obvious comic connection, but because Swindon is looking to be a city and a comic shop is very much at the heart of any city and town. Comic fans know and understand this. We want Swin City to be a place where people can come to, look around and buy some great products that Swindon won't have seen before, "We will not be selling just comics but have a great range of TV and film-related T-shirts, posters, figures, and props."

The shop will be managed by Ben Fardon and opens on Friday, September 9.