YOUNGSTERS at Lethbridge Primary School in Old Town have been keeping an eye on their teachers and their recycling habits this week.

It is all part of National Waste Week and the school hopes to achieve its Eco-Schools Bronze Award by Friday.

The pupils have already been paid a visit by a member of the waste department from Swindon Council who talked to them about recycling in and around the town.

Meanwhile, the children have been learning about how to make their lunchboxes eco-friendly.

Year Two teacher Caroline Bowers said: “All the classes have been learning about recycling and they have been telling us off for throwing things in the bin or putting them in the wrong box.

“We have been weighing the paper recycling bin each day so we are monitoring all of our work.

“The children seem to be really enjoying themselves, they are all coming on board, even the younger ones, who are getting in to their fruit and making sure it is recycled in the correct bin.

“We are working towards our Eco-Schools Bronze award, which we hope to achieve by Friday.”