AS ONE youth group in the town celebrates its bright future, another club’s future is in doubt unless more volunteers come forward.

Swindon Needs a Proper Skatepark (SNAPS) has gone from strength to strength having lobbied the council for a permanent skatepark for 10 years.

The group will hold a summer bash at the Oasis that promises to be a taste of things to come.

The event, planned ahead of the long-awaited venue becoming part of the centre’s £65m revamp, will promote the best of the town’s ‘urban’ scene.

Organisers have dubbed the bash a “non-stop high-energy freedom trip”. DJs, stalls, food and a graffiti workshop will be among the attractions at the event to be held on Sunday, August 12 between 10am and 9.30pm.

The move reaffirms the commitment of the organisers, who had been lobbying the council for a decade.

Moirai Capital Investments, which will begin the revamp over the summer, confirmed earlier this year that it would provide a home for the venue.

The community-led project had been calling for a “concrete paradise” to become part of the development, which will eventually include a hotel, indoor arena and water park. The SNAPS campaign received the backing of superstar DJ Fatboy Slim when he performed at the Oasis in December.

SNAPS had envisaged a “free-to-ride concrete paradise” based on a railway theme, with rails for “grinding”, skateboards, a platform and sleepers.

Young people have been travelling to other towns because they say the facilities in Swindon are not up to scratch, but they are set for top range facilities at the Oasis.

However, the future of a youth club across town is not looking so bright.

A Monday youth group in South Marston has warned it faces closure unless two adult helpers are found.

The club is appealing for volunteers to organise the tuck shop, set up and pack away, and run activities for the children.

The day-to-day administration will continue to be carried out by the youth club’s committee, with training available.

Due to a change in circumstances the main adult helpers were no longer able to run the club. Organisers have said that with only one youth helper left the club will close if volunteers do not come forward.

All that is required is a commitment of about three hours on a weekly basis.

For more details please contact Julie or Steve Hatherall at or 07923 441 296.