Joe Theobald, aka DJ Captain Wormhole, Looks at all things vinyl 

LAST week I was pleased as punch to receive (not personally) an update from our favourite out-of-retirement front man – Mr James Jeremiah Murphy – the new LCD Soundsystem album is sonically complete and en route to a secret location for pressing in to lovely new two dimensional orbs of wholesome audio cream.

After a six year hiatus it’s very exciting, but it’s also very scary.

When I finally get to lower the needle on to the outer skirt of this latest offering I may find that I’ve concluded the final act in a long lived love affair that’s brought great joy to my life ever since that first whisper of Tribulations all the way back in ‘05.

It was their eighth single but my first taste, and it really tasted nice. Not like learning to enjoy red wine; this was like your first taste of Fanta.

The love has only continued to soar since that day; Sound Of Silver is probably my number one desert islander and This Is Happening achieved the difficult act of following a perfect second album with an even more impossible third triumphal outing.

What if number four doesn’t cut the mustard?

Once you taste burnt onion in your ragu can you ever love an Italian taverna like you did before? Were the recently released singles, Call The Police and American Dream, just a little bit underwhelming?

The new songs aren’t good enough to allay my fears but they’re also not any major cause for concern as surely Murphy is saving the good stuff for the album release?

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy of wrote with a sarcy derision that it’s “interesting to hear James Murphy evolve from scared of getting old to scared of being older.”

 Haley Potiker called it “straight up B+ LCD”. Whilst I can’t disagree with either sentiment, I really do hope that we’re gifted another Sound Of Silver to wipe away those condescending sneers. Basically just lots and lots of cow bells please.

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