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Path of freedom

In REPLY to Elspeth Wollen (Dec 29) the EU referendum showed that Britain does not like being told what to do and we have chosen the path of freedom.

British sovereignty is lost every time a new EU treaty is created. Every aspect of life is now covered by EU regulations.

It should be the British Parliament that decides the rights of British workers and criminals from the EU cannot be deported.

When the EU funds projects in Britain they are only giving us our own money back. It has been estimated that we pay a gross figure of £350m a week to the EU.

Britain is strong enough to stand tall in the world and we are capable of cleaning our own beaches without being to how to do it.

TERRY HAYWARD, Burnham Road, Swindon

Honesty is lacking

I HAD to chuckle reading Des Morgan’s letter (Dec 22). He tries to justify the lies and misinformation given by the Brexit campaign by arguing that the Remain campaign was just as dishonest (which, I agree, it was).

But, this somehow makes it okay does it?

At least when we are misled by politicians in election campaigns we have a chance to reverse the decision in five years. The Brexit decision will be set in stone for generations, whatever the effect on our economy.

Shouldn’t we all - Brexiters and Remainers - expect more honesty from our politicians?

R MORE, Old Town, Swindon

He just doesn’t get it

Coun David Renard just doesn’t ‘get it’, does he? In his last column (SA 28 Dec) he just can’t resist the opportunity to snipe at his political opponents - “In February (2017) the council voted, sadly not unanimously, to allocate £600,000 to support secondary schools”. Not content with this childish demonstration of petulance, after all the vote he refers to took place 10 months ago, he then attacks his other critics.

However, he makes a subtle but significant error in his statement. Coun Renard opines that Swindon is moving forward having at long last signed a deal with Seven Capital to develop the Oasis site, I say at long last as this project has been bedevilled by delays and even now it has to be acknowledged that there is no actual building work going on as it is only ‘outline planning permission’ which has been granted! But according to Coun Renard “Had we listened to the siren voices that were telling the Council to abandon this scheme, we too would have nothing now”. I wonder if Coun Renard would accept that ‘actually we don’t have anything NOW beyond what we have always had.

Finally, with an insouciance redolent of the arrogant manner he often uses to dismiss anyone who challenges him or his cabinet he shrugs off the numerous failures of his colleagues and it has to be said Council officers by ascending the moral high ground and claiming he is “a glass half full person”.

Still, we may have something to cheer in the New Year – a change of administration perhaps!

DES MORGAN, Caraway Drive, Swindon