A HILARIOUS production of the classic show The Full Monty will be returning by popular demand to the Athenaeum next weekend.

The Americanised musical, put on by the Athenaeum Masqueraders, is adapted from the 1997 British film which tells the story of  six unemployed buffalo steelworkers, low on both cash and prospects, who decide to work through their fears, overcome their inner demons and find the strength to go the full monty.

During it's previous production in October, the production team rased money for testicular cancer chairty, its in the bag, and have now raised £333.

Over the upcoming production they will be raising for this cause again, by holding collections, raffles and a calendar sale.

Head of promotion, Tabitha Snell-McLellan said: "We are so pleased with the amount of money that has been raised so far for the charity, and we hope to rasie a good amount more this time round.

"To be asked to come back due to popular demand is really great, and shows people are enjoying all our hard work that we put into productions."

To buy tickets to see The Full Monty at Warminster Athenaeum from February 15 to 17, please call 01985213891.

You can purchase the calendar by visiting www.athmasqueraders.co.uk/shop