THE wreckage of a car and a driving simulator helped Wiltshire College students understand the potential devastating consequences of drug and drink driving.

Officers from Wiltshire Police’s Road Safety Unit visited the Lackham, Chippenham and Trowbridge campuses at the end of last month as part of the college’s annual health and wellbeing fairs.

The officers not only reinforced anti-drink and anti-drug messages but brought along a Renault Clio, which was involved in a fatal crash, killing a 21-year-old from Marlborough a few years ago.

Albany Golledge, 19, a Level 3 Animal Management student studying at Lackham, said: “It was really hard to hear about the stories of those fatally inured in accidents around Wiltshire.

“It is very important though that we heard about them and I think it was good to have it at college as it makes you think about your own actions.

“I think it also highlights just how quickly things can change.”

Students were also shown what can happen if you become distracted by mobile phones or other technology while behind the wheel in a specially adapted driving simulator.

PC Phil Hackford, traffic manager for the Road Safety Unit, who helped co-ordinate the day, said: “I’m passionate about teaching young people and adults about the dangers of drink and drug driving and think us coming in to talk to the students is effective.

“I’ve been a frontline police officer and vehicle examiner so I’ve not only attended accidents such as the vehicle we brought with us but had to pull them apart in investigate what happened.

“My experience really helps as I have seen the devastating consequences from all angles and explain this to them.

“The crash car provides shock and awe as it shows what can and does happen. The crashes are all local which I think has an added effect.”